Friday, July 25, 2014

Sci Girls I 2014 Final Day

It's so hard..... to say goodbye to ..... our 2014 Sci Girls I Campers but today ended our two weeks of engaging, exciting, and innovative learning.  We started the morning with "Bringing Bones to Life" presented by Southeast Archeological Center National Park Service experts Dr. Alex and Dr. Kate, with the assistance of Ms. Satin, Ms. Julia, and Ms. Megan.  They created a mock dig for the campers to diagram a site, uncover "relics" from the past, and document evidence and information. What a great way to end our rocking Sci Girls Experience!

On behalf of Sci Girls I, we want to say thank you to each of our guest speakers, scientists, community members, and volunteers. We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to create engaging experiences for our campers. We also thank you for your participation and the sharing of your ideas and expertise. To our Sci Girls, we hope that the camp  has been all that you expected it to be and that you have taken the opportunity to make new friends, to see new places, and to have discussions and exchange of new experiences with scientists right here in our community.

An early thank you goes to Dr. Keisha John, Dr. Huan Chen, Lucy Toman, and Catherine Kent, who will be our guest panelists tonight for our 2014 Reception.  A very special thank you to Roxanne Hughes, Kim Kelling-Engstrom, and Mr. Carlos Villa for making sure we had everything we needed and much, much, more to ensure the success of the Sci Girls 2014 program.  Until next year, this is Ms. Toyka, Ms. Susan, and Ms. Nancy signing off.....

SciGirls 2 2014: Day 10 (Eeek!): Projects and SEAC

Oh my goodness, another year of SciGirls 2 is in the books! This has been an exciting and rewarding experience for all three of the SciGirls 2 teachers; we sincerely thank all of the girls for just being their awesome selves and their guardians for allowing them to participate in the camp, as well as for helping shape these girls into amazing, fabulous young ladies that they are.

We started that day working on projects! That's right, your read that correctly, we had your girls complete projects during the summer time. Our girls completed poster projects on a possible future STEM careers. The girls picked a career they were interested in and then researched what they need to do in order to accomplish their career goals. For example, our girls were researching degrees needed, cost of different colleges, years spent in school, future salaries, and so much more! We were very impressed with their possible future career choices; they ranged from marine biologists to neurologists to computer programmers! Whatever these ladies choose to do, we know that they will be some of the most successful ladies in their fields :)

After diligently working on their projects for three hours, the girls reenergized with lunch, and prepared for the next activity, an archaeology dig and presentation. The girls learned a bit about archaeology and then headed outside to the mock dig site. The girls excavated different archeological remnants and collected data :) and then it rained :( Unfortunately we had to head back inside, but we still had an exciting time inside. The girls analyzed bones and pottery.

We can't wait to see everyone at the reception! Again, we sincerely want to thank the girls for being so kick butt, and remember SciGirls ruleeeeeeeeeee!

SciGirls II 2014 Day 9

The SciGirls went to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea, Florida.

SciGirls I Day 9 2014

The SciGirls visited Leon Sinks and IFAS.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sci Girls I Day Nine

Sci Girls Rock and Hike and Grow!  Today we started with a journey through Leon Sinks to conduct a little bit of water testing with Mr. Greg Hitz (who happens to be a Sci Dad this year).  How fortunate we were this year that the mosquitoes were not active at all and we were able to enjoy the natural beauty of Fisher Creek and Big Dismal Sinks.  It was an amazing sight to see the water flowing into Fisher Creek and then stop when it reached the actual sink.  Our morning hike through Leon Sinks (not 'Leon Stinks', Grace) was a great way to enjoy nature in its purest form. From there, we trekked across the county line to our neighboring Gadsden County to meet with and interact with some 'Ladies of Science' who are definitely making their mark on agriculture at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in Quincy.   Special thanks to Cheryl, Christine, Sheeja, and Fannie for presenting information on career paths in science and how often our choices will not always be exact.  This research facility is home to different studies and projects that range from sod based rotation to biochar analysis.  It is hard to believe, but Sci Girls I 2014 is almost over.   But wait - we still have one more day to uncover some fun!  Tune in tomorrow for our closing blog.  

SciGirls 2 2014: Day 9-Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

Today was a wet and exciting day! Today our girls went to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, and had a great leader, Ms. Katie. Ms. Katie is finishing up her undergraduate degree in marine science at FSU (Go NOLES!), and was a great role-model lady of science today :) We started the day on the dock and collected many different species! For example, we collected sea walnuts, nudibranches, a teeny-tiny flounder, barnacles, sea squirts, and so many more. From the dock we moved onto the touch tanks and a few 'look' tanks. In the touch tanks we looked at many different species of crabs, star fish, sand dollars, mollusks, and sea urchins. In the 'looking' tanks, we looked at the poisonous lionfish, triggerfish, flounder, stingrays, sharks, goliath group, loggerhead turtles, blue crabs, and so much more! The girls especially liked 'finding Nemo' :) Next up, was looking and holding (!!!!) horseshoe crabs. All, yes you read that correctly, picked up a fully grown horseshoe crab. At this point in the day our girls needed more energy, so we took a lunch break to fuel up for seining. We girls seined, which involved walking out in the gulf with a large, long net to collect more specimens. The fan favorite specimen was a lizard fish, and even though technically we didn't collect, we just spotted it, was a shark!

Overall, today was a great day! We can't believe tomorrow is the last day of camp :( We can't wait to see everyone's families at the reception tomorrow night; 5:30 pm at WFSU, be there or be square!

SciGirls I Day 8 2014

SciGirls I went to WFSU and did Atkins projects.

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