Monday, July 29, 2013

Sci Girls I Day 10

It is hard to believe but Sci Girls I 2013 is over.  What a wonderful experience we had on our final day.   From a mock excavation with Dr. Alex Parsons and associates to a closing reception that included prominent women in science, our last day of camp ended with a blast.  Who knew that two weeks would fly by sooooo fast and be sooooo fun.  That's what Sci Girls is all about - a fun interactive camp designed to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers, in response to the low numbers of women in many scientific careers.  Thanks again to all of the wonderful scientists who volunteered their time and energy to making this such an awesome experience.  Remember Sci Girls Rock!  See you next summer!

Friday, July 26, 2013

SciGirls 2 Day 10 - Wrapping it up!

Last day of camp! :(

We started the day with the girls working on their career projects. Each girl had to choose a science related career and research how to achieve it. They looked up colleges that have the science program of their choice, the requirements to get into that college, job salaries, and job descriptions. Each girl made a poster displaying the information. They had incredibly creative ideas! These posters will be on display tonight at the reception at WFSU.

After lunch, the girls had a special presentation from the Southeast Archaeological Center where they were able to participate in a simulated archaeological dig. After they dug up bone remains and artifacts, they further examined using systematic analysis to determine gender, age, and bone identity. The girls learned a lot about bones and the profession of archaeology. They also had a lot of fun!

As the SciGirls 2 camp for 2013 comes to a close, we want to wish all our girls the best of luck in the future! Keep aiming high and your dreams will come true!

Special thanks to Roxanne, Carlos, Kim, and all the contributors for making this camp possible!

Check in next year for more SciGirls updates!

Women from the National Parks Services came to educate our girls about life as an archaeologist. They set up an Excavation activity where the girls got to 'dig up' human remains and examine them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sci Girls I Day 9

Who says girls can't brave the heat or the mosquitoes for water testing?  Sci Girls I had a unique experience with Greg Hitz as we explored the Leon Sinks Geological Area.  Here we were introduced to some of the largest natural sinkholes found in the United States and actually got a chance to collect and compare water samples from a deep spring and a shallow spring.  We then trekked out of the forest back to the vans and zipped back to the Maglab to listen to a presentation by Dr. Cynthia Jones, a Biopharmaceutical Science Professor at Florida A&M University.  This was truly an interactive time for the Sci Girls as they were able to question and receive information from Dr. Jones that encouraged them to remain passionate about their future.  The day ended with a "Super Scientist" game as the girls worked diligently to try to figure out 34 occupations associated with science.  Day 9 is over which means tomorrow is the last day for Sci Girls I 2013.  What shall we uncover under the sun on Day 10?  Only a Sci Girl can tell!

SciGirls 2 Day 9 - Dr. Paravastu and Chaos Towers

Day 9! It's gone by so fast!

We started the day with a very interesting and eye opening presentation by Dr. Anant Paravastu, a chemical engineer, and Sarah Leonard, a grad student at FSU. They discussed the nature of science, their career paths, and their current research on MAX8 Protein using solid state NMR. The SciGirls had great questions about the practical use of Dr. Paravastu's research and how it contributes to the ongoing research of common molecular diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease.
After a picnic style lunch in the front of the MagLab, we went upstairs to begin making chaos...Chaos Towers, that is! The girls worked tirelessly for hours to perfect their Rube Goldberg device tower. Challenging, yet very engaging, these very complicated structures are made up of simple machine components that work together to get a marble from the top of the tower to the bottom and then back up again. The task was a very good team building task as the girls helped each other remain patient through the trial and error process.

We can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of camp. :( We hope to see all parents and supporters at the reception tomorrow evening at WFSU to celebrate the SciGirls' successes!
Today SciGirls I interviewed Botanist Amy Jenkins at WFSU's radio program. Afterwards they built their own boats out of play-doh and tested how well they floated.

SciGirls II Day 8

On Day 8 the SciGirls II visited WFSU and created a game called "We Got Ya" available to the downloaded on Andriod phones. The girls used their own pictures and created their own sounds to make the game come to life!

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